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Should You Ever Pour White Wine On A Red Wine Carpet Stain?

There is a common practice that many people implement when they have spilled red wine onto a carpet. Red wine can stain your carpet very easily, and is very noticeable if you have a white or light colored carpet. Wine absorbs very easily into the carpet fibers, and if you have a thick plush carpet, it can be even worse. Let’s first address whether or not pouring white wine over the red wine is actually a remedy that works or not.

Will White Wine Help Remove Red Wine Stains On A Carpet

First of all, let’s state right away that it does not work very well at all. It must have developed over time, a rumor that became a myth that white wine could actually remove, or at least diminish, the red wine discoloration. Essentially, you will be wasting your time, and your white wine if you try this method out. It’s something that you may want to try for yourself just to see that it really doesn’t work, and then you can move on to solutions that actually do.

Use Salt On The Red Wine

If you have a container of salt, you need to pour this over the red wine as quickly as possible. This works best if it is a recent spilled. You need to let the salt absorb all of the red wine, and after a few minutes, you need to vacuum this up from your carpet. In most cases, this is going to absorb the vast majority of the one that you have spilled, but it will still leave a little bit of the discoloration. To remove the remainder, you can use the following strategies that will remove most of the red color, restoring your carpet as it once was.

Use Club Soda On What Is Remaining

The reason that you use club soda is because it has carbonation. It is called carbonation because the bubbles that you will see in club soda are caused by carbon dioxide gas. It is this agitation that the fizz will provide that will get into the carpet fibers, helping to remove the remaining stain. If you still have something left, then you will want to use this final method which should completely eliminate the problem.

Dishwashing Soap And Hydrogen Peroxide

One final step that you can take his using dishwashing soap along with hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide will also have a bubbling action like the club soda, and the dishwashing soap can help cleanse the remaining portion of the stain. When you pour this on, you need to use a cloth or paper towels, dabbing the solution from the carpet. You do not want to rub or else this could spread the stain further in and also across a larger area.

One other possibility, which is what many people will do, is they will take out their carpet cleaner. This usually removes all of the red wine. However, it is highly recommended that you dab up most of the red wine so that there is less of it to spread as the carpet cleaner uses its bristles that rotate across the carpet. This will prevent the red wine from potentially spreading. Although it may seem like a good idea to pour white wine over red wine, studies have clearly shown that this does not work at all. Use the suggestions in this article to help you remove any red wine from your carpet, and it should work, regardless of the type of carpet that you have. Learn more.

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