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Tried And True Method For Removing Mud From Carpeting

If you have children chances are that you have encountered even bigger messes that some mud in your carpeting. This, however, does not reduce the amount of stress and anxiety such an event can induce. Adults can even make this error from time to time, and even be unaware that they were bringing in mud at all. The key to ensuring that this does not ruin your carpets is to know the best means of tackling the job the first time.

Give it time to dry

The first and most important step may seem counter intuitive, but it is essential that it is followed. You must give the mud time to dry completely. Trying to tackle the stain and mud while it is still wet is likely only going to make the problem worse. It is also best to block the area so that no one else accidentally walks through it. You do not want to cover it, as that will prevent drying, but if you have a table or other pieces of furniture that will help others remember to walk around it, then that is ideal.

Pull it out

Once the mud is dried you will want to pull it from the carpet. This can be done with a comb, or simply with your fingers. Do not use a brush that could push the mud deeper into the fibers. Once all of the mud is loose you can use a vacuum to lift up the debris left behind. Try to vacuum gently to avoid making the problem worse. Especially if you found the inside of the dirt to still be even slightly moist.

Use a white cloth

At this point you are ready to tackle any stain that may be left behind by the dirt. To do this you will to use a white cloth. White is ideal as it is unlikely to stain the carpet further and ensures that you can see if the method is effective. You will want to create a mixture of one teaspoon of dish detergent to one cup of warm water. Warm water works best as it opens the fiber to release the dirt causing the stain.

Blot the affected area

When tackling the stain you will want to blot the effected areas. Instinct will likely lead to you wanting to scrub, but that will only make matters worse. Instead concentrate on very small areas at a time, rinsing the towel out of the dirt periodically to ensure that you are only lifting dirt and not transferring it back into the carpet. This may be quite a time consuming task, but by being patient and diligent you will get the best possible results.

Call a professional

If even after taking each step as noted above you find that the stains simply are not coming out then it is time to call a professional. It may sound expensive to call someone in to handle the job, but if you think about the life of your carpet, you will actually be saving yourself money. Be sure to use a company that guarantees that the chemicals they use are not toxic for humans or animals, especially if you have pets or small children in the home.

You may also want to consider asking about stain guard to make it easier to clean up messes in the future. This creates a layer on your carpeting making it difficult for stains to penetrate. It is best used on high traffic areas where stains build up over time.

Using the tips above you will be able to extend the life of your carpeting, even after what seems like utter disaster. Just be sure to follow the instructions. Taking action on a stain without knowing the proper method will make the problem worse instead of better. Find out the best carpet cleaning company in Georgia before hiring one,click here to learn more.

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